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Alexa for Business is a service that enables organizations and employees to use Alexa to get more work done. With Alexa for Business, employees can use Alexa as their intelligent assistant to be more productive in meeting rooms, at their desks, and even with the Alexa devices they already use at home or on the go. Businesses can use Alexa to increase employess productivity by voice enable applications
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Key Features

Alexa for Business has an open API feature which means that the potential for Alexa for Business is endless. Here are just a few more examples of existing use-cases for Alexa-enabled devices and skills:

  • Video conferencing. 
Alexa is capable of starting a video conference with a simple voice command. After syncing with a workplace calendar, the user can say “Alexa, start the meeting” and Alexa will turn on all the equipment that will be used for the call. As you can imagine, this saves a lot of time and frustration for what now seems like a very menial task.
    •    Streamlining daily tasks. 
Alexa can also be used to help employees to improve productivity by automating or organizing routine tasks. For example, Alexa can set reminders for phone-calls and keep track of daily to-do items. What’s more, Alexa can use voice recognition to allow staff instant access to corporate applications without having to sign-in.
    •    Smooth management. 
An impressive dashboard acts as a command center for Alexa for Business and executives can monitor and manage all devices from this console. Similarly, new employees can be enrolled on this dashboard, while Alexa skills can also be added or removed from the system. Overall, this central console should ensure the smooth implementation of Alexa for Business and provide an easy-to-understand control system for the entire process.
    •    Monitoring device usage. 
Alexa for Business also enables management to control Alexa devices. In this sense, administrators can use a centralized console to monitor certain tasks or device usage throughout the organization. This process is not only good for organization but also for keeping on top of efficiency.
    •    Email organization. 
Believe it or not, Amazon Echo is now able to manage your Office 365 or Gmail and read, reply and organize emails according to preference. Just so yo know, Astrobot is the application which enables this ability.
    •    Website monitoring. 
You can use Alexa to provide status updates and reports about the company website. For example, an application called “Vigil” can send push notifications when the website is down or provide regular reports with regard to big detection and potential vulnerabilities in terms of security.
    •    Invoice assistance. 
Voice technology can streamline invoicing and help keep important documents organized. However, Alexa can also use the Accounts Receivable Factoring skill to calculate the amount of an invoice and the rate of factoring which is yet another menial task for executives and accountants.
    •    Schedule management. 
Alexa can use certain skills to set reminders, co-ordinate meetings and organize to-do lists. You can also integrate these applications with Gmail and Office 365, along with iCloud and Google Calendar.
    •    Locating services. 
Whether you need a to re-order stationary or contact a handyman to fix the plumbing, voice assistants can find local services in a matter of seconds.

Alexa + LawGro = Bill MORE time

LawGro captures every minute spent on online meetings at Alexa & files it automatically to your legal practice management app.

LawGro helps lawyers build their daily/ weekly timesheets automatically in the background and files it in your legal practice management app like Clio, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, Litify, Soluno, Filevine, CaseTempo, NuLaw etc. It captures every billable minute accurately & automatically using AI so that you can file your timesheet in just a few clicks helping lawyers to save time and increase billable time.

* Increase in revenues by upto 22%
* Automatically capture all your activities in the background (Save ~30 mins per day)
* Automatic filing of timesheet in your legal practice management app (save ~45 mins per day)
* Enforce client terms & compliance for timesheet filing
* Increase collection rates with client verifiable reporting

MagicTime builds your timesheet automagically in the background & files it

More time captured

MagicTime automatically captures every billable minute accurately. Don’t under report the time spent anymore

Save admin time

File your timesheet in just a few clicks. Use the time saved to focus on more billable work

Better Client trust

Improve your collection rate with transparent & verifiable client reporting during billing

Personalized AI

Our AI learns from the way you work and keeps getting better every day. In few weeks, you spend almost no time in filing your timesheet

Built for Lawyers

Designed to understand legal context & activities. Works with all your apps (Gmail, Word, Outlook, USPTO, FastCase, various court websites etc.)

Privacy + Security

No one including firm admins have access to your data. Highly secure environment to handle all your sensitive and non-sensitive data. GDPR compliant privacy

How MagicTime works

Auto capture

Automatically captures every billable minute accurately in the background

Auto categorize

Categorizes and tags all captured activities to right client & matter automatically using AI

Auto filing

Automatically files time entries to your legal practice management app like Clio in just a click

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