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Case Tempo is a  lead and case management software for small law firms. Case Tempo offers a no-nonsense experience for those who want to get any job done in the fewest clicks possible. Integrating with the most important tools a law firm needs to automate the administrative burden each case requires. Integrate with LawGro to get the most precise time tracking across your devices on top of that.
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Key Features

- Simplest design on the market
- Automate your existing workflows & processes in your legal practice
- Customize your intake forms
- Auto-fill your documents - no more manual Word & PDF entries
- SMS / Email / Fax automation - automate communication with your customers, make sure they are not frustrated by lack of communication
- E-Signing & E-Pay automation with invoicing - simplify your and your customer's life
- Organization
- Calendar & Task automation

How this Works?


Starts at USD 49 per user/month

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MagicTime builds your timesheet automagically in the background & files it

More time captured

MagicTime automatically captures every billable minute accurately. Don’t under report the time spent anymore

Save admin time

File your timesheet in just a few clicks. Use the time saved to focus on more billable work

Better Client trust

Improve your collection rate with transparent & verifiable client reporting during billing

Personalized AI

Our AI learns from the way you work and keeps getting better every day. In few weeks, you spend almost no time in filing your timesheet

Built for Lawyers

Designed to understand legal context & activities. Works with all your apps (Gmail, Word, Outlook, USPTO, FastCase, various court websites etc.)

Privacy + Security

No one including firm admins have access to your data. Highly secure environment to handle all your sensitive and non-sensitive data. GDPR compliant privacy

How MagicTime works

Auto capture

Automatically captures every billable minute accurately in the background

Auto categorize

Categorizes and tags all captured activities to right client & matter automatically using AI

Auto filing

Automatically files time entries to your legal practice management app like Clio in just a click

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