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Corvum is the only VoIP telephone service provider dedicated to the legal industry in North America. CORVUM's realtime cloud communications platform allows for high-quality integrations with other leaders offering cloud-based services. Corvum would be good for any small to medium-sized attorney who wants the functionality of VoIP phone services.
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Key Features

Being a legal expert is hard enough, Corvum gives you the tools you need to make communication easy. Features Include:

  • Access to business mobility
Receive a dedicated local business number for your practice. When clients call your business number, answer on your smartphone and your client will see your business number as the caller ID
  • Multiple Devices, Multiple Offices
Connect multiple devices to a single user to answer calls from any device. Register phones from your firm locations to one account and we’ll set up office extensions. One company, one account.
  • Multi-Platform Phone Service
Corvum can be used on any desktop device and iPhones. Access our web app on desktop devices without downloading software. Apple users can download Corvum on their smartphone via the app store.
  • High Quality VoIP calling
Using Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP), calling has never been faster, clearer, and safer! All you’ll need is a secure internet connection and a desktop device then you’re good to go. You also have the opportunity to have full control of how your call system works for you with Corvum.
  • Smart Texting
Send and receive SMS text messages via your business number in the web app. Why is it smart? It’s texting with additional features! Not only can you pick which phone number to be displayed (business vs. personal), Corvum tracks for billable time. How efficient! Keep all your client communications in one place for accessibility and security’s sake.
  • Detailed Time Tracking
Analyze call duration and total amount of calls over certain periods. The dashboard will break down your calls into daily, weekly and monthly periods. All inbound and outbound calls in Corvum are automatically timed and logged in your call history. No need to start a timer to keep track of billable call time. All call durations, dates and times are logged and searchable by contact. We track your clients calls so you don’t have to!
  • Convenient and Intuitive Note-taking
When using the Corvum web app, you can take notes during calls in real time. When a call starts, a pop-out window opens automatically. No need to find your pen that rolled off the desk, nor click on anything to find a virtual notepad. We track the time, you take the notes. Revisit them in your call history.
  • Virtual Faxing
Faxing in the cloud means saving paper (and no more fax machine)! For a flat rate, this add-on lets you send and receive faxes easily from your email. Outbound faxes are sent to your recipients from your email as PDF files, which include the date, time and caller ID. Inbound faxes are also received as PDF files in your email inbox with all the same pertinent identifying information.

How this Works?


Starts at USD 14.95 Per User/Month

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MagicTime builds your timesheet automagically in the background & files it

More time captured

MagicTime automatically captures every billable minute accurately. Don’t under report the time spent anymore

Save admin time

File your timesheet in just a few clicks. Use the time saved to focus on more billable work

Better Client trust

Improve your collection rate with transparent & verifiable client reporting during billing

Personalized AI

Our AI learns from the way you work and keeps getting better every day. In few weeks, you spend almost no time in filing your timesheet

Built for Lawyers

Designed to understand legal context & activities. Works with all your apps (Gmail, Word, Outlook, USPTO, FastCase, various court websites etc.)

Privacy + Security

No one including firm admins have access to your data. Highly secure environment to handle all your sensitive and non-sensitive data. GDPR compliant privacy

How MagicTime works

Auto capture

Automatically captures every billable minute accurately in the background

Auto categorize

Categorizes and tags all captured activities to right client & matter automatically using AI

Auto filing

Automatically files time entries to your legal practice management app like Clio in just a click

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