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ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar solution, brings the power of webinars to organizations of any size, from one-person firms to multinational enterprises. The web-based solution is easy to use and covers the entire webinar process from preparation to presentation, and from interaction to follow-up. The software requires no installation and works on all devices and operating systems.
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Key Features

ClickMeeting helps every step of the way: Before, During and After the Webinar. Using ClickMeeting as the Webinar Platform offers a lot of great features, including:

  • Webinar Monetization: ClickMeeting is a solution that is advantageous to consultants, teachers, and the like since it enables you to monetize your webinars. This is possible with the platform’s integration with PayPal, which processes transactions securely. This assures you and your audiences security of financial details.
  • Easy Interface Customization: Instead of greeting your audiences with the ClickMeeting branding, you can provide a consistent experience by customizing the interface. It only takes a few clicks to change the appearance settings such as the colors and logo. Thus, you can engage your webinar attendees with a custom-branded webinar room.
  • Automated Webinars: If you want to show the same set of webinars to different audiences, you can do so with ease using ClickMeeting. The solution has an automation feature that lets you pre-record a webinar and play them at set times. Despite that, you can still engage with your attendees using pre-set polls and surveys to keep their attention.
  • Pre-Webinar Engagement: At times, audiences get to your webinar room before the conference starts. To keep them engaged, you can utilize ClickMeeting’s waiting room where you can present them with an agenda. This way, they know exactly what to expect from the session as well as share important files and documents with them so that they are fully ready for the webinar.
  • Live Presentations: ClickMeeting has a presentation tool that lets you show engaging slides with interactive content. You can also use this feature to display documents that reinforce your message. Thus, you can convert your audience or convince them to take a certain action.
  • Whiteboard: Presenting ideas do not have to be limited to documents and slideshows. ClickMeeting offers a whiteboard, which enables you to get your point across adroitly. This also lets you collaborate with your attendees. Among the tools available are text boxes, shapes, drawing tools, and eraser.

ClickMeeting + LawGro = Bill MORE time 

LawGro helps lawyers build their daily/ weekly timesheets automatically in the background and files it in ClickMeeting. It captures every billable minute accurately & automatically using AI so that you can file your timesheet in just a few clicks helping lawyers to save time and increase billable time.

    •    Increase in revenues by upto 22%
    •    Automatically capture all your activities in the background (Save ~30 mins per day)
    •    Automatic filing of timesheet in ClickMeeting (save ~45 mins per day)
    •    Enforce client terms & compliance for timesheet filing
    •    Increase collection rates with client verifiable reporting

MagicTime builds your timesheet automagically in the background & files it

More time captured

MagicTime automatically captures every billable minute accurately. Don’t under report the time spent anymore

Save admin time

File your timesheet in just a few clicks. Use the time saved to focus on more billable work

Better Client trust

Improve your collection rate with transparent & verifiable client reporting during billing

Personalized AI

Our AI learns from the way you work and keeps getting better every day. In few weeks, you spend almost no time in filing your timesheet

Built for Lawyers

Designed to understand legal context & activities. Works with all your apps (Gmail, Word, Outlook, USPTO, FastCase, various court websites etc.)

Privacy + Security

No one including firm admins have access to your data. Highly secure environment to handle all your sensitive and non-sensitive data. GDPR compliant privacy

How MagicTime works

Auto capture

Automatically captures every billable minute accurately in the background

Auto categorize

Categorizes and tags all captured activities to right client & matter automatically using AI

Auto filing

Automatically files time entries to your legal practice management app like Clio in just a click

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