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Make your practice more effective and efficient with Casetext’s legal research suite. The smartest attorneys deserve the smartest tools.
  • Give yourself an edge - Casetext literally saved my client’s life. Without Casetext’s CARA A.I. tool, we would have been at a severe disadvantage. Having access to CARA A.I. was like having a research assistant at counsel’s table.
  • Spend less time searching - Casetext has a superior search engine and its attorney and court analyses features are tremendous time saving tools.
  • Get access to secondary sources without extra fees - The other guys will include other sources in their platforms, but charge you extra fees to access it. Did you know you could actually be getting most of these for free?
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Key Features

A true replacement for Lexis and Westlaw for only $65/month. Casetext is Faster. Better. More efficient.

  • Better results in less time - Leverage advanced research tools to find on-point authorities in your first search — not your tenth.
  • A research platform you can trust - From our comprehensive coverage to our transparent pricing, you can rely on Casetext to get you the results you need.
  • Research made easy - Smoothly transition to Casetext’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform (with a support team ready to answer any questions you have).
  • Unlimited Access - Access all 50-state and federal cases, statutes, rules, briefs, and more — no added fees.
  • Smarter Searching - Use your favorite search techniques or advanced A.I. search to get the right results, fast
  • Easy Analysis - Rely on tools like annotations and treatment flags to help you understand the law.
  • Wielding Your Research - Let us take the busy work off your hands through automatic copy-with-cite, instant brief binders, and more.
Over 4,500 firms trust Casetext for their legal research.

Main Features:
  • Comprehensive Coverage - Federal case law, 50 state case law, Published and unpublished cases, Federal and state statutes, Federal regulations, Select administrative agency decisions, Federal briefs database, Case summary database, Black Letter Law database, Attorney-authored legal analyses, Specialty court coverage
  • Secondary Sources - You’ll easily find out that you don’t need to pay Lexis & Westlaw shockingly expensive fees to get access to resources. We’ve done the research for you so you can find resources for your state easily.
  • Smarter Search - Search tools designed to help you find what you need for your clients, fast. 
    • Natural language search makes searching on Casetext as easy as on Google. Champion at boolean queries? Search Casetext by boolean, or pull up a case by name or citation.
    • Let our award-winning A.I. technology, CARA, do the hard work for you. Just drag and drop a document to instantly find on-point results.
    • No one wants to dig through 10,000 search results to find an on-point case. Use the filters you’re used to Jurisdiction, Date, Published and unpublished etc.
    • Add unique filters for more on-point results - Party type, Motion type, Cause of action
    • Easily evaluate your results
  • Easy Analysis - Easily understand the cases and statutes.  
    • Cases summarized — by judges 
    • Case treatment flags — with deeper insights 
    • Passages that were cited — and cases with similar passages 
    • Statutes annotated — plus definitions at your fingertips
  • CARA A.I.
    • Have CARA A.I. find you the most on-point authorities - No more constructing complex search queries, adding and removing filters, and wondering if you’ve missed something. Research faster and get better results by searching with CARA A.I.
    • Better results in less time - What would you do with an extra 210 hours this year? That’s how much the average attorney saves by researching with CARA A.I.
    • Upload a document ----- CARA A.I. finds you tailored results ----- Review on-point authorities
    • Review the cases opposing counsel relies on
    • Find on-point authorities in seconds
    • Uncover cases opposing counsel missed.
    • File with confidence
  • Wield Your Research - Once you’ve found the right authorities, we’ll help you leverage them.
    • Organize your research — and your thoughts -- Add highlighting and notes as you read, Download, print, and share, Bookmark and folder, See your history
    • Let us take the busywork off your hands - Throw out your Bluebook, Give your paralegal the afternoon off — we’ll track down all the cases your opponent cited.

CaseText + LawGro = Bill MORE time 

LawGro captures every minute spent on CaseText to ensure that you never loose any billable minute for legal research.

LawGro helps lawyers build their daily/ weekly timesheets automatically in the background and files it in your legal practice management app like Clio, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, Litify, Soluno, Filevine, CaseTempo, NuLaw etc. It captures every billable minute accurately & automatically using AI so that you can file your timesheet in just a few clicks helping lawyers to save time and increase billable time.
  • Increase in revenues by upto 22%
  • Automatically capture all your activities in the background (Save ~30 mins per day)
  • Automatic filing of timesheet in your legal practice management app (save ~45 mins per day)
  • Enforce client terms & compliance for timesheet filing
  • Increase collection rates with client verifiable reporting

MagicTime builds your timesheet automagically in the background & files it

More time captured

MagicTime automatically captures every billable minute accurately. Don’t under report the time spent anymore

Save admin time

File your timesheet in just a few clicks. Use the time saved to focus on more billable work

Better Client trust

Improve your collection rate with transparent & verifiable client reporting during billing

Personalized AI

Our AI learns from the way you work and keeps getting better every day. In few weeks, you spend almost no time in filing your timesheet

Built for Lawyers

Designed to understand legal context & activities. Works with all your apps (Gmail, Word, Outlook, USPTO, FastCase, various court websites etc.)

Privacy + Security

No one including firm admins have access to your data. Highly secure environment to handle all your sensitive and non-sensitive data. GDPR compliant privacy

How MagicTime works

Auto capture

Automatically captures every billable minute accurately in the background

Auto categorize

Categorizes and tags all captured activities to right client & matter automatically using AI

Auto filing

Automatically files time entries to your legal practice management app like Clio in just a click

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